New FAIRsharing Policy factsheet now available

We are proud to announce a new factsheet within our Content series: FAIRsharing content: policies overview. This factsheet provides key information about the policy registry and how you can make the most of it in your FAIR-enabling practices. It is part of our broader FAIRsharing Educational component, where we publish sets of infographics and factsheets covering FAIRsharing content and functionalities for all users and stakeholders across all disciplines.

This factsheet has been co-authored with Joy Davidson of the DCC, also the FAIRsharing Community Champion for Research Data Management. It has been published just as our larger Community Champions community has completed the update of our entire policy registry with FAIR-enabling metadata (you can read about one Champion’s perspectives on this effort). This metadata is also mapped both to the RDA and to the FAIRsFAIR FAIR-enabling data policy checklist, and will form a core part of the upcoming FAIR-IMPACT support action concerning the improvement of the availability and machine readability of data policies with FAIRsharing.

FAIRsharing supports the value of data policies that focus on the 
management, sharing and re-use
 of digital objects. As a trusted source of policies for all digital objects including datasets, software, and materials, across all disciplines, FAIRsharing:

  • guides users to discover, explore and understand requirements and expectation
  • assists policymakers to register, structure and enrich their guidance

Find out more about what our policy registry can do for you at, and explore our policy registry itself at We recommend that you explore all of the FAIRsharing Educational series, created by the FAIRsharing Team and Community Champions.

If your organisation would like to contribute to this Educational material, you can do so by choosing a representative to join the FAIRsharing Community Champion Programme, and individuals can express their interest here.

Lister, A., Davidson, J., & Sansone, S.-A. (2024, April 24). FAIRsharing content: policies overview. Zenodo.