Improving the availability and machine readability of data policies with FAIRsharing – A collaboration with FAIR-IMPACT

Would you like to make the data policies within your infrastructure, organisation, country, region, and/or domain more FAIR, and better enable FAIR?

Then please apply by 31 March: FAIR-IMPACT EU Project‘s “Support offer 4: Improving the availability and machine readability of data policies with FAIRsharing”.

This activity is lead by FAIRsharing Community Champion and Digital Curation Centre Associate Director Joy Davidson and supported by the FAIRsharing team.

This support action will work with up to 10 individuals/small teams to support them to coordinate the registration of data policies from stakeholders in their country/region/domain with the FAIRsharing registry and consider how we can leverage this shared pool of information for ongoing policy monitoring activities.

Successful applicants will receive 4000 € to support their participation which will require about 8 days of effort from participants between May-September 2024.

During this support action, participants will:

  •  coordinate the registration of data policies into FAIRsharing 
  • work collectively to consider how the registered policy data may be leveraged for ongoing monitoring of the policy landscape

Participants can expect to:

  • gain a deeper insight into what components should be covered in FAIR-enabling data policies
  • understand how the registration of data polices can support machine actionability and comparability 
  • increase the availability of data policies within their country/region/domain