Kay Burrows joins FAIRsharing to enrich the policy registry

We are proud to announce that Kay Burrows, who has been with us since 2022 as a FAIRsharing Community Champion for Policies and Chemistry, will be joining our team for a short-term contract focusing on the enrichment of the FAIRsharing policy registry.

In recent years policymakers at the national, funding body, publisher, and organisational levels have been working to ensure that their policies support the creation and reuse of data that are findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR). Monitoring progress across the changing policy landscape is labour intensive and largely achieved through the completion of annual surveys and/or desk research. In addition, monitoring tends to focus on the existence of such policies rather than on their content and often looks only at what is happening at the national and funding body levels meaning that organisational level policies are often not taken into account.

Policies registered with FAIRsharing can make the content of their policies more explicit and comparable by both humans and machines which can make monitoring the policy landscape more straightforward and efficient in the years to come. Over the coming months, FAIRsharing is working to further enrich our policy registry in order to present an even more comprehensive view of policies (see also the recent FAIR-IMPACT support action to provide more policy content within FAIRsharing). Kay will be performing expert curation of the policy registry to provide a more complete and rich picture of the policy landscape, with options to create targeted educational material describing how our user community can make best use of this registry.