FAIRsharing on holiday in August

It’s time for our team to disconnect, log out of Teams, Zoom, Slack and emails and have a well deserved summer break 😎 We couldn’t leave though without first giving our usual big THANK-YOU to all our collaborators and friends. We’ll see you all in September!

Despite the almost incessant drizzle in large parts of the UK (and perhaps more in keeping with the very dry and hot weather of our colleagues in mainland Europe), summer has arrived, and with it the month of August, when most of our team are on annual leave.

This academic year has been another busy one for us, having just celebrated the first anniversary of our FAIRsharing Community Champions Programme, increasing our links to the FAIR Cookbook, launching our new Educational provision with six factsheets, close collaboration with the DCC and their FAIR-enabling data policy checklist, and a number of conferences, webinars and presentations.

Our Team has worked tremendously hard the past few months, and is now taking a well-earned break this month. While we will be monitoring our site and responding to any urgent or high priority issues that might arise, standard queries and curation checks will take a little longer. We thank you for your understanding, and we’ll be back “with bells on” in September.

As usual, please send queries, requests and issues to us through our contact email address.