Launching FAIRsharing Educational with and for the research community

FAIRsharing is proud to announce the release of its FAIRsharing Educational component, a set of infographics and factsheets covering FAIRsharing content and functionalities for all users and stakeholders in all disciplines.

The educational material will be built as a set of series, including: (i) FAIRsharing content (standards, databases and policies), (ii) FAIRsharing for you (target users), (iii) FAIRsharing functionalities, (iv) FAIRsharing behind the scenes (how we curate and organise the content), and (v) FAIRsharing tips (drilling down on exemplar uses).

The first six educational material have been created through a collaboration between the FAIRsharing Team and the FAIRsharing Community Champions, and are:

  1. FAIRsharing in a nutshell
  2. FAIRsharing content: standards overview
  3. FAIRsharing content: databases overview
  4. FAIRsharing for you: researchers
  5. FAIRsharing for you: funders
  6. FAIRsharing for you: journal publishers

If your organisation would like to contribute to this Educational material, you can do so by choosing a representative to join the FAIRsharing Community Champion Programme, and individuals can express their interest here.