Update of FAIRsharing data processes

FAIRsharing has a rich array of metadata describing human- and machine-readable data access, data curation, and data release in two different sections within FAIRsharing records (“Data Processes” and “Access Points”). We needed to reconcile these sections so users can have a clearer picture of the ways in which each resources can be accessed. The new FAIRsharing site and data model has made this overlap very clear, and given us the opportunity to make the way in which we describe data access even better.

As a consequence, Ramon Granell and the FAIRsharing team have performed an update of our internal data model. The two separate “Data Processes” and “Access Points” sections have been merged into a single “Data Processes and Conditions” section. The changes to the data model have resulted in corresponding automated modifications of any record that provides information on data process, data conditions and access points. We’ve updated our documentation for maintainers and curators, so take a look!

If your record has been modified as a result of this update, you will receive an automated email within the next 24 hours letting you know of the change. Please feel free to check our changes and make any additional modifications that might be required. And, as always, you can email us.

The original Data Processes and Access Points have been merged into a single section, as shown in the FAIRsharing Dryad record (

This is just the first step. Now that the update to the data model is complete, we will work on improving the look and feel of our new and more streamlined Data Processes and Conditions section. Until then, the information will be editable by the maintainers and visible to everyone via a more simple display.