FAIRsharing is now an ORCID trusted organisation

FAIRsharing has partnered with the Bodleian Library and the University of Oxford to become a trusted organisation within ORCID. This has improved user authentication and has paved the way for future work.

Thanks to the support we receive from the University of Oxford, we have worked closely with the Bodleian Library to ensure FAIRsharing is connected to and embedded in the growing open scholarship ecosystem. An example of this internal support is the FAIRsharing ability to mint DOIs for our records.

Today, we are pleased to announce that, via the Bodleian’s membership in the UK ORCID Consortium, FAIRsharing is now an ORCID trusted organisation. This has enabled us to get access to the ORCID member API.

An immediate result of this is that users may now sign into FAIRsharing via their ORCID without having to make their email address publicly visible.

Prior to our trusted organisation status, logging into FAIRsharing via an ORCID account required the account email address to be publicly visible. With this update, email visibility needs only be set to “trusted parties”. Further information is available in our documentation. Access to the ORCID member API also offers the possibility of further integration, and we are currently investigating these opportunities.