FAIRsharing at the RDA Plenary

FAIRsharing co-chaired or presented in five sessions at the 20th RDA Plenary in March 2023 in Gothenburg, Sweden. We were represented both by Allyson Lister and Susanna-Assunta Sansone, and through a selection of our Community Champions, either in person or virtually:

  • Lindsey Anderson
  • Deborah Thorpe
  • Debora Drucker
  • Frances Crowley
  • Geta Mitrea
Allyson and Susanna and RDA’s 20th Plenary.

You can find links to the sessions that we were involved in below:

  1. (Mon 20) Progressing Machine Actionable Data Management Plans in DMPRoadmap: Workshop by DCC, pre-Plenary
  2. (Tue 21) Infrastructure supporting the FAIR data principles in life science research practice: Plenary Breakout 2 – with the Life Science Data Infrastructures IG
  3. (Wed 22) Community Engagement That Works! Examining tools and success stories of pathways to Engagement in Community-led organisations at a global level: Plenary Breakout 5 – co-chaired with the Professionalising Data Stewardship IG, Early Career and Engagement IG, Engaging Researchers with Data IG
  4. (Thur 23) Data Repository Attributes WG Working Meeting: Plenary Breakout 6
  5. (Fri 24) Data-driven life science and the RDA: Workshop by SciLifeLab/ELIXIR-Sweden, post-Plenary

For a more personal take on the plenary, please see Allyson’s blog for the RDA at RDA Plenary 20: Impressions, Community Takeaways, and … Character Alignment?