FAIRsharing welcomes eight new Champions for 2023

In the last year, FAIRsharing has gained eight new Community Champions. Find out a little more about them and what their plans are for their time in the programme.

The FAIRsharing Community Champions Programme is a thriving community of domain and discipline experts who:

1 . act as advocates to promote the value of standards, databases and policies for digital objects (incl. data, software).

2 . create educational material describing these resources helping researchers and other stakeholders to find, use and adopt them.

3 . enrich the content of FAIRsharing, adding and enhancing the description and discoverability of these resources.

The FAIRsharing Community Champions put their expertise into action in one of more disciplines or area of activities, according to their interest, and are credited for their contribution via visible attribution in their ORCID and FAIRsharing profiles. Their contribution to and engagement with the FAIRsharing team gives them more knowledge about the wealth of standards (terminologies, models/formats, guidelines, identifier schema), databases (repositories and knowledge bases) and policies (by institutions, funders, journals and other stakeholders) relevant to them.

This year we have gained eight new members.  Please join us in welcoming them to the Champions community!

Adam Partridge

Adam is the Open Research Training Lead at The University of Sheffield, works on the UK Reproducibility Network’s Open Research Programme, and is also an ELIXIR-UK DaSH Fellow. His domain of expertise within FAIRsharing is Brain Stimulation and Open Research. He joined the FAIRsharing Community Champions programme to advocate for and help make University of Sheffield’s policies and databases more FAIR, to enhance collaborative links between the UKRN and FAIRsharing (partners in the UKRN’s Open Research Programme), and to learn more about FAIRsharing himself through creation of educational materials and adding content.

David Tomkins

David is the Research Data Curation Specialist at the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford, and his Champion role covers Research Data Management, especially within the area of Social Sciences and Humanities. He hopes to facilitate discovery and re-purposing of research data and other resources through a combination of advocacy and the surfacing of data policies and standards.

Joy Davidson 

Joy is the Associate Director of the Digital Curation Centre, which supports research data management and the production and reuse of FAIR data. In her role as a Champion, Joy would like to build on earlier collaborations between DCC and FAIRsharing and specifically to help increase the number of research performing organisations’ data policies available within FAIRsharing and to enrich their descriptions to make them more FAIR. 

Kelly Cobey

Kelly is a Scientist and the Director of the Metaresearch and Open Science Program at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Canada. In her role as a Data Champion, Kelly would like to foster community to build collaborations to support metaresearch on FAIRsharing and to ultimately support research institutions in providing FAIR data sharing policies and training. 

Richard Acton

Richard is the Research Data Outputs Manager for the Human Developmental Biology Initiative (HDBI) based at the Babraham Institute. In his role as a champion for FAIR data at HDBI he hopes to ensure that as many of the consortium’s research outputs as possible are re-usable resources by the developmental biology community through the provision of advice, training and assistance with the curation and annotation of datasets with appropriate metadata in appropriate repositories.

Yojana Gadiya

Yojana is a PhD student at the University of Bonn and a full-time employee of Fraunhofer ITMP ScreeningPort in Hamburg, Germany. She has joined with a Champion role that covers FAIR data activities within the chemoinformatics domain. Through her role, she aims to onboard data stewards and experts in the field of drug discovery to the FAIR domain by assisting and guiding them to FAIRification activities across the globe.

Yuhe Liang

Yuhe is the biocuration lead deputy at RCSB Protein Data Bank. In his role as a champion, he’d like to contribute his domain expertises to the field of Structural Biology, to ensure the standards, policies, formats applied by the databases, journals, organisations, and their interconnections in the field are presented at FAIRsharing, and thus provide the users a wider view of the contents being shared among the community.

Lyndon Zass

Lyndon is the Project & Data Co-ordinator at the Central H3ABioNet node, University of Cape Town. In his role as champion, he will cover FAIR activities within the omics and research data management domains. Through these activities, he hopes to proliferate knowledge gained locally and abroad. His expertise in the Health Sciences and knowledge of the research data community within Africa will inform his collaboration with FAIRsharing.

If you want to find out more about the programme, including information on how to apply, please visit our Champions pages.