ROR in FAIRsharing: Autumn 2023 Update

In our bi-annual update of ROR in FAIRsharing, we have added ROR logos to all linked organisations in FAIRsharing, and we have updated our mappings to the ROR registry. Find out more in this blog post.

Previously, we explained how Research Organization Repository (ROR) organisations are integrated into FAIRsharing in a variety of ways. Over the last month, we performed two new steps to boost this integration.

1. ROR logos and links now appear next to the ROR-mapped organisations of any FAIRsharing record. For example, the record of the Bacterial protein tYrosine Kinase database is linked to five organisations. Four of them have a ROR link as Figure 1 shows. Now any user can access the organisation ROR page by clicking on the ROR symbol next to the organisation name. This makes it easier for our user community to connect from FAIRsharing organisations to their equivalents in ROR.

Figure 1. Organisations of record Bacterial protein tYrosine Kinase database

2. New matches between the FAIRsharing and ROR organisations have been added as part of a regular six-monthly matching process. This update is important as both ROR and FAIRsharing databases are continuously developed. This update also allows us to find erroneous organisations (e.g. duplicates) and modify organisations fields as appropriate. At the conclusion of this process our organisations contain:

  • 71 new ROR links
  • 22 updated names of organisations
  • 3 updated homepages of organisations
  • 9 updated alternative names of organisations
  • 22 new parent/children relations
  • 14 merged organisations
  • 22 deleted organisations

After this update, 1780 (48.3%) of the total 3682 existing organisations in FAIRsharing contain a ROR link.